In our center we use the 1&1 technique that involves placing a extension for each of your natural eyelashes, until all eye lashes.

Thus we will place an average of between 80 and 100 lashes per eye, depending on the amount of natural eyelashes that a customer.

At all times the lashes are applied with special tweezers and medical glue long-term, which, will apply to a minimum of skin. We only use high quality eyelashes, very natural and soft to the touch.

BLACK SILKY soft effect and natural  
First Eye lashes 1 and 1 75€/2h
Maintenance 42€/1h
Eye lashes 1 and 1 80€
Remove extensions 15€/30min
Permanent and tint 35€/35min
Eyebrows design 20€/35min
Eyebrows maintenance 10€/20min